Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Recognized worldwide as one of the most prestigious companies, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne is back at the 2023 Carcassonne Festival!

Experience an evening of dance as admirable as it is varied, with no less than 3 pieces from the repertoire on the program for around 2 hours of show (intermission included):

  • 7 Greek dances - choreography Maurice Béjart
  • Then we dance… ! - choreography Gil Roman
  • Bolero - choreography Maurice Béjart


  • Carré Or: 53€*
  • 1st series: 43€*
  • 2nd series: 34€*
  • Young and student rates at €20 / senior at €25 (within the limit of the places provided for this purpose) inquire at the PAC Billetterie.
  • PSH and PMR prices: inquire at the PAC Ticket Office.

*Rental fees included. All seats are seated and numbered.