Wednesday, July 19, 2023

We don't present it anymore! Faithful to the Carcassonne Festival, -M- returns in concert on the stage of the Théâtre Jean-Deschamps for a date "en Rêvalité"!

Three years after the release of "Lettre Infinie", -M- made his big comeback in June 2022 with his new album "Rêvalité". Without rivalry between the Dream (symbolized by the blue) and the Reality (the red), the whole album revolves around the idea of a reconnection (the purple) between two a priori opposed worlds.

At the end of November 2022, -M- unveils a new version, composed of 6 bonus tracks: "Rêvalité Augmentée". To accompany this new album, -M- continues its historic tour, the most important of its career (+ than 1 million spectators).


  • 60€* in free placement
  • Carré Or: 74€*

*Rental fees included. Only the seats in "Carré Or" are numbered.